Places in The Hobbit

This is a list of the places in the order in which they first appear in The Hobbit.

Chapter 1 An Unexpected Journey: The Hill, The Water, Bag-End, Under-Hill.

Places Alphabetically

Bag-End - Bilbo Baggins' home, the most luxurious hobbit-hole under The Hill or over The Hill or across The Water, build by Bungo Baggins for Belladonna Took, and partly with her money.

The Hill - literally the hill in which was built Bilbo Baggins' hobbit hole Bag-End.

The Water - a small river forming a dividing line at the bottom of The Hill.

Under-Hill - the name of the well-to-do neighborhood, literally under The Hill where Bilbo Baggins lived in his hobbit hole Bag-End.

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