Famous Hobbits

This page is dedicated to Hobbit pride.

This is for all those Hobbits out there who have felt small about themselves, to let them know, there are others who have claimed a place of stature in this world.

Long belittled, Hobbits have much to stand up and be proud of.

Many Hobbit accomplishments have been usurped by the media. Here you can find those truely deserving of recognition for their accomplishments.

Proud To Be A Hobbit

You do not have to be a famous explorer or inventor to have pride in being a Hobbit. You are who you are. That is enough.

Famous Hobbits

Bobo - - With flaming red hair, Bobo became a legend in the circus as a clown.

Booboo - - Older brother of Bobo and Yogi the Bear's best friend. Booboo was the inventor of the Boobaid, a supportive device to keep Hobbit ladies looking perky, from where comes the anatomical description boob. Later renamed to the Bandaid and marketed to humans for healthcare.

Caca - - Singer, dancer and performer extrordinaire. Strangely, her name is associated with an unfortunate episode on stage rather than for her wonderful talents.

Coco - - Master chefress, specializing in dessert creations.

Dodo - - Creator of the feathered body suit, a light weight, water proof, all inclement weather garb. Unfortunately, the secret of the design was lost when, Dodo, his family and entire staff of workers was hunted down and eaten, presumably mistaken for poultry.

Doodoo - - Invented toilet paper when while reading a magazine he found his bidet to be out of order. Older brother of Dodo.

Frita - - Couples counselor, author and love doctor. She is the inventor of the Frita Lay.

Hojo - - Real estate magnate and ice cream man.

Loco - - Dancer and choreographer, she created the robot dance style popularized by Michael Jackson in his hit song Locomotion. (Note: Loco is a boy's name and there is some question as to Loco's gender.)

Mojo - - Groovin, cool claritar musician and composer, who put the "it" in Hobbit. Son of Hojo.

Nemo - - Inventor of the submarine.

Spud Webb - - Only hobbit to ever dunk a basketball in a professional game.

Todo - - Creator of the Todo list, properly pronounced "toe doe list".

Toodoo - - Older brother of Todo, lazy procrastinator and inspirer of the Todo list. Strangely, by a quirk of pronunciation, Toodoo is immortalized by Todo's genius.

Vito Dano - - Real name of famous actor appearing in many comedies and other films, including Twins with Arnold Schwarzenagger.

Yodo - - Hobbinaut sent into space and disappeared after a nuclear reactor leak damaged his hyper drive and propelled his spaceship into an unplanned warp jump. Rumored to have reappeared in a war against the Empire, having turned green and acquiring special powers, with the new name Yoda.

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