Movie Reviews of The Hobbit

The Hobbit 3D Movie Review on CNET

Interesting review by two different writers on the 3D experience in The Hobbit.

Purchase The Hobbit 3D Movies
Purchase The Hobbit 3D Movies

David: ... "can see why Jackson liked the ... visual impact of HFR ... Jackson employs a moving camera, from sweeping pans to helicopter-shot vistas to pushes through interiors to quick jerks during combat, as frequently and skillfully as any filmmaker. In the HFR "Hobbit," all of that camera movement is seemingly on rails, and objects flow across the screen with pristine smoothness."

Ty: "Having tested 3D televisions ... this is the best 3D I have ever seen. ... This technology is an uneasy bedfellow with a majestic fantasy movie as it does lend an incongruous "documentary" feel to the story. However, it does indeed make the picture sharper ... Even the "poking you in the face with spears" stuff works."

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