Characters in The Hobbit

This is a list of the artifacts, with their owner, in the order in which they first appear in The Hobbit.

Chapter 1 An Unexpected Party

Gandalf's Staff -

Diamond Studs - given to the Old Took by Gandalf, a pair of magical diamond studs, presumably cufflinks, that fastened themselves and never came undone until ordered. Presumably cufflinks because what other kind of studs could have fasteners and would be for the Old Took. If the cufflinks did not come undone, and presumably they were tight enough that you could not slip your wrist through, then this magical property would keep you in your shirt indefinitely unless you were willing to tear your shirt. If you happened to be wearing a shirt that could not be torn, perhaps being magical or made of kevlar, why then, you would be stuck in the shirt.

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